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Self defence video No.1

Self defence: Number 1

Self defence video No.2

Self defence: Number 2

Self defence video No.3

Self defence: Number 3

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Self defence: Number 4

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Self defence video No.1

Three techniques to deal with a typical attack to the head.

The first point is to keep your distance.

The second is to keep your hands high in a passive gesture, ready to block if necessary.

If caught from the side or behind, your first move is to cover and protect your head.

Self defence video No.1

Self defence video No.1

Unless you box or train in the martial arts, striking with a fist will only break your knuckles or even your wrist. We use the elbow in these demonstrations because it is the method that is most likely to hurt your assailant enough to allow you to escape. You may find it easier to strike using the open palm of your hand.

Two elbow strikes to your attacker´s jaw is probably going to break it, so you would only use this technique if you consider the threat to your personal safety high enough. Someone taking a swing at your head is high enough.